In the News: Stock 360, a MarginPoint Powered Mobile Inventory Solution, Drives Growth for Winsupply

In recent articles for Supply House Times and Distribution Center magazine, Winsupply, a Dayton, Ohio-based distributor and partner of MarginPoint with 600 locations nationwide, touted its incredible sales growth and credited Stock 360, its MarginPoint Mobile Inventory-driven solution, for giving the distributor a clear competitive advantage.

Stock 360 is the distributor’s web-based inventory-management platform for contractor customers, which reduces their time spent on inventory management, increases productivity of technicians and provides real time inventory visibility of all material regardless of where it was purchased or stored

“Our customers asked for this,” Winsupply Chief Technology Officer Jeff Dana was quoted as saying in the Supply House Times piece. “We are getting product in there and driving about 25% of labor hours out of the customer, which allows them to keep their technicians in the field.”

In the Distribution Center article, Brian Henderson, director of Stock 360, says that he believes Stock 360, which is powered by MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory solution, can revolutionize the industry. Henderson cited one customer’s success reducing inventory value by 30% and adding $300,000-$400,000 back to his bottom line by implementing the program. “The competition can’t match that,” Henderson said.

Distributors like Winsupply that are implementing MarginPoint Mobile Inventory are improving customer service and growing wallet share by providing a single solution that addresses the full inventory management workflow for HVAC, plumbing and electrical service contractors. Additionally, MarginPoint’s new Advanced Insights analytics platform further leverages the customer, distributor, technician, purchasing and inventory data generated by our mobile inventory solution.

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