New MarginPoint Mobile Inventory ‘Smart Search’ Feature Saves Techs Time

MarginPoint has greatly improved search functionality for mobile users of MarginPoint. The improved functionality empowers users who aren’t sure of an item’s exact name to more easily find it via the solution’s mobile application, whether they are looking to issue/return an item or to perform a check stock, destock, supplemental restock or cycle count.

Previously, a mobile search would only return records if the search string was entered in the same order as the text in either the “part number” or “short description” fields. Now, thanks to Smart Search, users can enter search terms for full or even partial strings in any order. “A technician’s time in the field is priceless,” said Sally Swoboda, Director of Product Management. “The Smart Search feature expedites searching by producing higher-quality search results that get the user what they need the first time around.”

The improved search capability streamlines inventory management, leading to greater productivity and adoption rates among technicians. “MarginPoint’s new Smart Search continues our commitment to efficiency and user-friendly features, propelling our clients ahead of the competition,” Swoboda said.

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