To be more competitive you need to effectively manage your single largest expense - your inventory, but you also need to manage your operations and accounting in one software platform that works together

Marginpoint’s Integrated Dynamics 365 Operations Platform

Dynamics integrated with MarginPoint Mobile

  • We bring your Customer Service, Sales, Job Scheduling, Job Order, Truck level Inventory and Replenishment together with your Accounting workflow to deliver a new Operating Platform for today’s leading Contractor’s
  • MarginPoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365, adding the functionality that Microsoft lacks so you can effectively manage your inventory and supply replenishment within the most advanced Field Service and Accounting workflow available in the Cloud
  • MarginPoint’s new Integrated Operations Platform gives you all of the tools that are essential to controlling your inventory cost and growing your business
  • Contact Marginpoint today to see how you can use a MarginPoint’s INTEGRATED DYNAMICS 365 OPERATIONS PLATFORM to take your business to the next level!
solution MarginPoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365
integrated-supply-chain MarginPoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Powerful Combination Delivers on the Promise of the Cloud

Trusted, secured on the Azure Cloud

  • MarginPoint’s deep integration with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 forms an essential business operating system for today’s leading Contractors
  • Our supplier connectivity makes inventory optimization possible
  • Our workflow reduces the manual effort associated with multiple systems
  • Trusted industry standard Microsoft back office products make for an easy. and cost effective transition for modernizing your growing business

Bringing your Customers and Suppliers Closer to your Company

With Microsoft's Dynamics 365, MarginPoint delivers a comprehensive business operating platform for everything including sales, marketing, job scheduling, work orders, invoicing, material replenishment, purchasing, customer service, and inventory optimization.

Picture9 MarginPoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your Opportunity to Take Back Control of your Inventory Spend

Replace manual actions with automated functions to increase profits

  • Most of today’s top distributors are already partnering with MarginPoint to deliver their supplier catalog solutions to their customers
  • MarginPoint provides an unlimited number of stocking locations and an unlimited number of supplier catalogs so that you can optimize your replenishment and inventory control processes
  • We optimize your material inventory carrying cost by replenishing based on actual usage and sales demand
  • Optimize your purchasing conditions and margins while enabling your mobile service technician team
Picture10 MarginPoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Picture11-e1500135157804 MarginPoint for Microsoft Dynamics 365

A turn key solution that automates critical business operations

Easy to implement with quick results

  • Affordable, compelling technology virtually paid for by your distribution partners
  • Secure, rich inventory and supply replenishment functionality combined with Microsoft’s core business functionality
  • Truly a new way to transact business with no challenges in migration
  • Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status down to the truck level
  • A truly advanced Inventory application that allows multi-site, multi-warehouse and multi-stocking location management
  • Incorporate powerful control functions preventing stock-outs while optimizing your inventory carrying cost

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