A Comprehensive Inventory Management Lifecycle Management Solution

MarginPoint is a comprehensive inventory management software solution that enables enterprise companies and distributors to streamline their indirect materials processes to drive down costs and improve profitability while maintaining or improving their operational service levels. While many see indirect materials as just a procurement issue or just a supply chain issue, we believe that effective indirect materials management requires a comprehensive and integrated approach that addresses the full lifecycle of the materials from sourcing and procurement through staging, usage and disposal of materials.

MarginPoint’s capabilities include:


  • Enterprise-wide visibility and control of indirect materials
  • Modular structure allows customers to utilize as much or as little of the solution as necessary to address their needs
  • Enterprise integration capabilities to complement your existing IT solutions
  • Flexibility to meet varied and complex enterprise requirements
  • Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for ultimate scalability, availability and performance

Sourcing and Replenishment

  • Automates replenishment of materials based on configurable reordering logic
  • Enforces use of approved suppliers
  • Provides access to supplier catalogs
  • Streamlines order approval workflow
  • Enables web services integration to allow electronic order transmission to suppliers


  • Stages material at point-of-use locations
  • Supports material transfers to rebalance stock levels as needed
  • Replenishes point-of-use locations from central stocking location


  • Tracks material usage at a detailed level (down to the item, user, department, cost center, GL code, etc.)
  • Controls usage via consumption limits and alerts
  • Supports requisitioning of material for a specific job or project


  • Identifies slow moving materials
  • Supports material transfers to rebalance stock levels as needed
  • Provides full visibility to stock levels including potential excess and obsolete material

MarginPoint 8 consists of several modules that can each be deployed in any combination to address a customer’s specific requirements. They are:

  • Storeroom
  • Mobile Storeroom
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Customer Managed Inventory
  • Integration Toolkits

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